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Recover is a joint initiative of the Motor Accident Insurance Commission and The University of Queensland.

Learn more about injuries, recovery and rehabilitation…

Latest Research

For some injured people, moving makes the pain better, for others, moving makes the pain worse. Why?

Activity is considered to be an important part of the treatment of whiplash injury... Find out more...

Accessible housing environments are important to maximise independence

When we think of accessible housing for individuals with disabilities, we imagine ramps, wider... Find out more...

Early symptoms of whiplash point to different paths of recovery

It has been known for some time that no two people will recover in exactly the same way after... Find out more...

News & Events

New study seeks people recently injured in a road traffic crash

A new study aims to better understand the recovery challenges after a road traffic crash. Find out more...

Researchers Announce Important New Studies Investigating Chronic Pain, PTSD and Depression

Professor Michele Sterling announced a new research study at a Whiplash 2017 event held recently Find out more...

Researchers develop assessment tool for whiplash injury

Recover researchers have developed an important whiplash injury assessment tool Find out more...

A University Partnership

RECOVER is funded through a joint agreement between The Motor Accident Insurance Commission and The University of Queensland.

RECOVER Injury Research Centre is research centre operating under a collaborative agreement between The University of Queensland and The Motor Accident Insurance Commission. The Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) has provided vital funding for the Centre’s research since 1997. Through the funding support of MAIC, as well as other state, national and international funding organisations, RECOVER has risen to the status of one of the leading injury research centres in the world.

Throughout its history, RECOVER has partnered and collaborated with state, national and international not-for-profit organisations, research institutes, hospitals, governmental and health-related organisations to advance its research. RECOVER’s research informs practice and policy to improve health, psychological, social, return-to-work and economic outcomes following injury and disability.

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