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New Study Seeks People Recently Injured in a Road Traffic Crash

Recover Injury Research Centre is conducting a study that aims to better understand the recovery challenges encountered by people after a road traffic crash. The study, led by Recover Senior Research Fellow, Dr Rachel Elphinston, from The University of Queensland, requires people who have recently been injured in a road traffic crash.


“When people are injured in a road traffic crash, some recover without complication while others recover more slowly,” said Dr Elphinston. “The results of this study should tell us more about why some people experience more complications than others during the course of their recovery.”


Dr Elphinston is a clinical psychologist with an interest in injury, pain and disability.


“Our past research has shown that certain ways of thinking, feeling or behaving can slow the pace of recovery after a road traffic crash,” said Dr Elphinston. “As we learn more about these experiences, we hope to be able to develop more effective treatments for people who have been injured in road traffic crashes.”


This Recover research study involves completing a number of online questionnaires once a week for six weeks. Participants may also be invited to participate in a brief interview by telephone. The study requires people who are between the ages of 18 to 65, have been injured in a road traffic crash in the last three months, and have submitted an insurance claim to a motor vehicle insurer. Participants will receive a $25 gift card each week that they complete an online questionnaire. The total value of the gift vouchers will be $150 if participants complete all 6 surveys. Interested participants should email of click here to find out more.


The Recover Injury Impact Study has been reviewed and approved by The University of Queensland Research Ethics Committee. Approval number: 2016001337

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